Garfield Voget left Germany in 1902 and came to Hubbard in 1921 to buy into the Hubbard Creamery. Later he bought out other stockholders and brought in his nephew, Abe Reznicsek. In 1936 they built the first cold storage lockers in the vicinty and custom cut meat for locker customers.

Four years later in 1940, the two partners were curing small quantities of meats with their own special method, a combination of the best advice from a Chicago, Ilinois laboratory, and Voget's expertise from his German homeland.

The meat business prospered as more and more farmers brought in their meat to be processed with the Voget-Reznicsek special touch. The creamery business phased out to become Voget Meats, Inc. In 1952, Voget built a special smokehouse and rooms for curing and holding to process their own meat for shipping and local retail.

Hams and bacon processed by Voget and Reznicsek have won numerous first place plaques that hang on the wall of the Hubbard office. And the award winning tradition continues today. Voget Meats placed first in the 1983 National Cured Meat Championships held in Portland, Oregon. Voget Meats smoked bacon placed third for a champion award at the 1982 National Cured Meat Championship in Denver, Colorado. >

Garfield Voget

Today, the third generation at Voget Meats is pleased to offer the same old fashioned quality using Garfield Voget and Abe Reznicsek's methods and formulas that have been successful for sixty years. We continue to provide specialty meats, both retail and mail order, and quality custom meat processing.

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